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What Is Jerkmate

Jerkmate is an interactive adult cam website which allows its users to meet and interact with a wide variety of cam models including men, women, and transgender models. Jerkmate is an adult cam site which focuses on helping its users to find a partner to masturbate with because Jerkmate feels that no one should ever have to masterbate alone, which is why they offer a plethora of live cam models and even pornstars for users to view and even join in on the fun with their favorite models in private one-on-one shows featuring live cam models in over ninety categories.

Jerkmate prides itself on using an A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) to help their users find the best models suited to their taste. This A.I., named Jerky, also happens to be Jerkmate’s mascot and is available anytime to help you whenever you may need them. All you need to do is answer a few of Jerky’s questions and they will give you an extensive list of cam models they have hand-picked to be perfectly suited to your tastes and preferences so you always have the best and most satisfactory masturbation experience every time you want to get off with the help of one of the many cam models live streaming. Jerky will ask you a few easy questions, such as what gender you are looking to watch, what ethnicity you love to see, what body type you prefer, and what hair color you like. Once you have answered those simple and easy questions, Jerky will quickly compile a list of dozens, or even hundreds, of live cam models who fit what you are looking for aesthetically. From there, you can pick and choose whichever model you want that gets your engine revving.

Jerkmate offers an in-depth and comprehensive filter on their category selection, allowing you to check as many, or as few, boxes as you would like to check in order to find that perfect cam model who is as freaky, or as vanilla, as you are looking for. By using the filter provided by Jerkmate, you are sure to find all sorts of models that are willing to help you get your rocks off while you massturbate, many of whom might even masturbate with you.

With Jerkmate, you can join your favorite models in one-on-one private sessions where the two of you can cam together with each other, allowing the two of you to masturbate together so you can have a sexy session of fun. Jerkmate calls this a cam-to-cam session. These cam-to-cam sessions allow you to get extremely intimate with your favorite cam models, doing whatever the two of you consent to while you cam with each other. Anything you do in a cam-to-cam session stays a secret between you and the model you share the session with, ensuring that everything you do stays private, with no other viewers unless that’s what you want, so you never have to worry about your intimate fantasies stay intimate.

Jerkmate does not just offer cam models live streaming for you to masturbate to or for you to masturbate with, but also offers a plethora of highlight videos for you to enjoy. These highlight videos come in two options for you to view. The first highlight video option is a thirty to ninety second teaser video from a previous live stream which has been edited and clipped for your viewing pleasure, such as a model showing off their new lingerie, teasing you, or performing any number of sexy actions for your pleasure. This type of highlight video is used to garner new viewers and entice them to check out the streams which are offered by the cam model by providing a short snippet of their content to get a new viewer hooked. The second type of highlight video option offered for you to spend time enjoying are compilation videos featuring highlighted clips within a specific category, such as clips of a specific model or a set of clips such as squirting orgasms or cumshot facials, that range from several minutes to fifteen minutes or even twenty minutes long. These highlight videos are the perfect thing for when you are just looking for a perfectly curated selection of hot material to help you get off in a short amount of time.

While Jerkmate offers an extensive selection of live cams from women, men, and transgender models as well as offering a variety of highlight videos, Jerkmate also offers and hosts their own Sex Games. The first Sex Game Jerkmate offers is an interacive solo Roleplay game where you are allowed to choose a sexy roleplay model to fit your tastes and desires, such as a Dominatrix, Elf Princess, or Schoolgirl. This Roleplay Sex Game is not a live interactive Sex Game, but allows you to choose from a variety of pre-recorded actions that the model will then perform, allowing you to choose exactly what you want to see in order to get off. The other Sex Game Jerkmate offers is Command and Obey. Command and Obey is an interactive Sex Game where you give commands to live cam models of your choice for them to interact, allowing you to control the sex show fully and what happens in it, making it your own personal and customized fantasy.. Command and Obey allows you to choose from male cam models, female cam models, and transgender cam models, as well as a variety of cam model couples of varying sexualities to provide you with the perfect sex show you are looking for to get off to. If you are looking to have some fun in Jerkmate’s Command and Obey Sex Game with cam models who are more than skilled in anything you may ask them to do, Command and Obey has not only amateur and veteran cam models who will play this Sex Game with you, but the site also uses real pornstars you can select to fulfil all of your desires and wishes. You can choose from available pornstars so you can watch your hottest fantasies unfold before you. You are sure to find a pornstar who checks all your boxes among Jerkmate’s variety of male pornstars, female pornstars, and transgender pornstars.

Aside from an insane amount of live cam models, including male cam models, female cam models, and transgender cam models, Jerkmate also features a wide array of pornstars which stream live on the site as well. This includes female pornstars, male pornstars, transgender pornstars, and even pornstar couples all available for you to view when they stream live on Jerkmate. Among all of the available pornstars, you are definitely going to find one who gets your engine revving, whether you are into plump women, petite women, women of color, strong men, chubby men, skinny men, men of color, big-breasted transgender women, petite transgender women, lesbian couples, straight couples, interracial couples, or even a polyamourous lesbian threesome couple. No matter what your tastes are, you’re sure to find a pornstar streaming live for you to enjoy on Jerkmate.

Jerkmate is very popular all over the world and offers several different languages available for the site to appear in, featuring English, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, French, and Italian. However, make no mistake in thinking that the users of Jerkmate are confined to those countries or that the cam models available are only from those countries. Jerkmate offers a wide variety of cam models streaming around the clock from around the world so you can always find your favorite preferences from all over.

How Much is Jerkmate?

Jerkmate is a free adult cam website with 90+ categories to choose from. To sign up and join as a member is absolutely free. While you can use Jerkmate without signing up as a member, there are a few perks and features you can only access by joining the site as a member. By signing up, you gain access to features such as having their A.I., Jerky, who will give you personalized suggestions for cam models, the ability to add your favorite models to your own list of personalized favorites, as well as giving you access to all of the chat and show options that are available from all of the models that are currently streaming live.

While you have access to an extremely wide variety of live cams, models, highlight videos, and even Jerkmate’s own Sex Games, you can pay money to have more intimate experiences with the cam models. Each model has a predetermined price-per-minute which you can pay to have private, one-on-one time with them in an Exclusive or Private chat. During this time, you can get more intimate with the model, allowing you to turn on your camera for the model to see so the two of you can masturbate together for the ultimate experience.

Some models may offer a Gold show. During a Gold show, the model will set monetary goals which correlate with sexual actions, allowing members to pledge money towards these goals. Once these goals have been reached, the members who have pledged money to the goals will be brought into a private chat with the model where the real show will begin and the model will fulfil the actions for the goals, which may be things ranging from talking dirty to the members, taking off their clothing, performing suggestive sexual acts, masturbating, and orgasming.

Jerkmate understands that you probably want to spend more than a few minutes at a time alone with your favorite models, which is why Jerkmate offers Discounted Block Sessions for you to purchase. A Block Session is a selection of time available for you to purchase with your favorite model in fifteen minute increments. The length of time available for purchase is fifteen minutes, thirty minutes, forty-five minutes, and sixty minutes. Feel free to ask your favorite models if they are available for a Block Session and if so, you could start it immediately and get hot and heavy with your favorites. A Discounted Block Session, available at the time lengths listed above, allows you to receive a percentage discount which increases the longer your session is. Starting with a 5% discount for fifteen minutes and increasing five percent for every fifteen minutes, you could get a 20% discount for a sixty minute session with your favorite cam model.

Featured Categories

MILF - Mother I’d Like to Fuck

Everyone loves a good MILF (Mother I’d Like to Fuck), and you will find more MILFs than you could ever dream of, all ready and waiting for you to come into their chat and tell them what sexy things you what them to do.  On Jerkmate, you’ll find over 12,000 hot MILFs right there at your fingertips. 

Jerkmate is home to thousands of MILFs streaming live at any given time, making it the largest category offered. Most MILFs are not exclusively MILFs but usually also fill a few other categories as well. Quite a few MILFs also make up the Mature category, but not all MILFs have to be mature. They are also very commonly found in the Femdom category, the Sex Toy category, the Big Tits category, and the Curvy Category. These are by no means the only categories you will find your favorite MILFs in, but just some very common ones. On Jerkmate, you are sure to find a sexy MILF streaming who checks all your boxes and helps you have a great masturbation session with a hot woman.


On Jerkmate, you will find a plethora of live cam models in the Ebony category. If you just love stunning black women, men, or transgender people, you will find all the gorgeous dark skin you could ever need. There are usually over 11,000 Ebony cam models live at any given time for you to pop in on and enjoy their sexy escapades.

It is no secret that so many people love dark ebony skin, as it is the second largest category on Jerkmate and it is absolutely filled with gorgeous dark skinned women, and some men, just waiting for you to come and watch them go down on themselves while you get your rocks off. These delicious Ebony cam models are found throughout dozens and dozens of other categories such as the Curvy category, the BBW category, the Big Tits category, and even the Kinky category. No matter what you crave your beautiful Ebony cam models to do while you have some fun watching them, you are guaranteed to find a sexy model doing things you find super hot.

BBW - Big Beautiful Women

One of the top categories featured on Jerkmate is the BBW category. In case you are unfamiliar with this category, BBW stands for Big Beautiful Women. If you love thick women who are plump and gorgeous, the BBW category is for you. With over 5,000 models live at any time in this category, you are sure to find more beautiful, horny, chubby women than you can handle who are all looking to do whatever you want them to.

If you are someone who likes their partners plump with some extra meat on their bones, Jerkmate’s BBW category is full to bursting (no pun intended) with gorgeous thick women who are just waiting for you to drop in on their streams when they are live. Here you will find plenty of big tits, big butts, and extra thick thighs. The women in this category are all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities when it comes to being extra thick. Whatever your heart’s desire may be, you are sure to find a BBW on Jerkmate to suit all your tastes and needs, whether you are looking for a freaky BBW covered in tattoos who is willing to do anything and everything you want her to or if you are looking for a more plain BBW who keeps things pretty vanilla in her streams.

Asian Cam Girls

It’s no secret that Asian women are a very popular fetish for quite a few people and Jerkmate has changed the game by having the Asian Cam Girls category with over 4,000 stunning Asian women all in one place enjoying themselves sexually. You will always have a great time when you join one of the Asian Cam Girls who are busy getting off and spend some time getting yourself off with them.

Jerkmate offers a stunning selection of Asian Cam Girls who want to fulfil all of your most intimate desires. These Asian Cam Girls streaming on Jerkmate are just the ladies you are looking for to make your masturbation session sensational. These lovely Asian women are in every category available, being petite, curvy, tall, tattooed, all natural, adorned with beautiful lingerie, and as kinky or as vanilla as you want them to be. Look through the Asian Cam Girls category on Jerkmate and find the lady you are looking to spend some sexy time with. 


Jerkmate has a nice, full selection of mature cam models to guide and instruct you and for you to instruct them. Jerkmate’s Mature category is full of older models, some of which may be MILFs or DILFs, or even GMILFs and there are over 2,000 models live at any given time who are just waiting for you to join them in their live stream and have a great sexual time with them.

Everyone knows that just because someone is more on the mature side does not mean they are no longer hot, horny, and sexy. The Mature cam models streaming on Jerkmate are raring to go and just waiting for you to drop in on their streams. These Mature models are experienced and looking for a great time, either as the teacher or being instructed by you on what they should do. These Mature models, both male and female, are everything you could want, being petite, curvy, ethnic, kinky, vanilla, dominant, or submissive. No matter what you are looking for in a Mature model, Jerkmate is sure to be able to provide you with a model to suit all your sexual desires.


Jerkmate is an adult cam site that you can access without being forced to spend money in order to see any of the model’s streams. Jerkmate allows you to access over ninety different categories, so you can find someone fitting all of your tastes or fetishes whenever you find yourself in the mood to get off. Jerkmate uses their own A.I. named Jerky to help hand-pick the perfect models for you when you answer a few simple questions so that you can chat and go cam-to-cam with dozens or hundreds of models whom you find sexy. The site itself has a very easy to navigate interface, immediately showing you clips, highlight videos, and different models from a variety of categories for you to choose from while also offering to help you find the perfect selection of models for you by answering a few simple questions and using their A.I. to sort out all the work for you. If you are not in the mood to watch a model’s stream, Jerkmate offers highlight videos which have been curated so you can always find the juiciest stream highlights to help you get off.


While Jerkmate is free and allows you to have access to all the cam models who are live streaming then and there, you cannot visit with any of the models in a one-on-one setting without paying the predetermined per-minute rate which is different for each cam model. While paying for special private one-on-one sessions with your favorite models is not necessarily a bad thing, every cam model is allowed to set their prices differently, meaning there is no “standard” rate that applies to all models across the Jerkmate site. There is no guarantee that a model with a higher per-minute rate will provide better, sexier content than a model with a much lower per-minute rate may offer, giving you no guarantee you are getting your money’s worth.

How popular is Jerkmate?

219 Million People Use Jerkmate Each Month. Furthermore, Jerkmate is the 28th most popular adult website in the world.

Is Jerkmate safe to use?

We've checked with the most reputable security providers to gauge how safe is to use.

Security Provider Is Jerkmate safe?
Google Safe BrowsingSafe
Norton Safe WebSafe
Sucuri LabsSafe

How old is Jerkmate?

Jerkmate ( was launched 6 years ago on Monday, 16 October 2017.

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