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What is Chaturbate?

Chaturbate is a live porn site where viewers get to talk to the performers. The people providing the shows get to perform acts and the streamers perform acts in return. This creates a sense or unpredictability because sometimes, the goal will or won't get met. It also lets you interact with the performers and tell them what you would want to see. In videos, it can feel like everything is scripted which can come off as a turn off for a lot of people, but with this, there's no way everything is scripted and viewers get to have an impact. It gives a lot of freedom to the performers because they won't have to worry as much about categories and can just be themselves.

How much are Chaturbate tokens? (USD)

Tokens are the primary currency of users on the site and gets the performers to do things that you're interested in. Usually, you have to meet a required amount of tokens to make sure that the goal is met. Tokens individually are really cheap, and even when you buy a lot of them, you'll get a discount for buying in bulk. 100 tokens is going to be the most common options that you choose and is $10.99.

Many incentives are 100 tokens which is why many people go directly to that option. 200 tokens are $20.99, 500 Tokens are $44.99. 750 tokens $62.99 and 100 tokens is $79.99. The broadcasters will be very pleased with you if you happen to fill up the incentives that they asked for. They are going to remember you if you continually do this and possibly even do more than what you asked before. It's really easy to get more and really fast if you already have your credit card. It's fast and really secure.

Featured categories


Featured streams are the ones that are on the front page of the website and have the streams that have the most viewers. This category is really exciting because the broadcaster has to work to retain that viewership that comes to the stream. The viewer has something really sensational each time and the content at the top tends to be the most exciting. There are new users who are constantly getting promoted, so it gives you something to look forward to as a viewer. It's a safe bet for all the things you already enjoy in porn.


Sexually speaking, Females attract much more attention than their male counterparts. Many of them like to strip down and play with dildos for a token incentive. Some of the girls ride sybian dildos and will turn the intensity up higher if they happen to reach the goal of tokens that they set. Best of all, is the lesbian users on the site. This is something that many people seem to like, and with the streams, there is always a lot of chemistry between those two girls. They often end up pleasuring themselves really well and leaving both of them satisfied.


The appeal of the male side of the page is seeing many men who are in great shape, talk dirty and masturbate. Many of them will happily answer questions while stroking their cocks. Some will even use toys like pocket pussies, fleshlights, or other kinds of sex toys so that they can show how good it feels. There is also a lot of gay sex on the website, which is a huge turn on for a lot of women. Gay sex isn't something that you get to see as much, so seeing it live and having an impact on it by giving tokens is quite the experience.


When it says "Couple" it is usually talking about heterosexually sex between people that are in a relationship. There are some exceptions to this rule, but generally, it is going to be a couple trying things that they wouldn't normally do in their private sex. Anal seems to be one of the biggest experiments on this site due to how pleasuring it can look. Sometimes, there are even threeways with even more incentives, including where the men are going to ejaculate or other things the viewers are interested in.


Trans typically consist of former men who have transitioned to being a woman and still have a penis. Many of them masturbate in front of their audience and have orgasms that are different from most people. On occasion, a cissgendered person will have sex with them and creates a unique sexual experience. It being live also adds a lot to what the viewers are watching them. On top of this, the trans person will usually have breast implants which create someone who is in between the two genders. This almost gives them the best of both worlds in terms of experiences.


Chaturbate is completely live, meaning that nothing is prerecorded. This adds elements of suprise and randomness that you wouldn't have seen in before. In other porn sites, many of them only have video formats which can get quite boring after a while. Many of them only show that parts that they think are the best. Some of those video may even be censored depending on what kind of country they were made. There are elements that can feel forced and take a person out of the experience. While broadcasters may structure their broadcast a certain way, there's no way to script the experience.

The multiple categories helps to feel like the sex is more natural. In a professional pron shoot, you see and hear things that feel unnatural if you've had sex. Many pornstars have admitted to faking orgasms in professional videos and the audience can tell if they've seen enough videos. In these live streams, there isn't going to be the need to fake orgasms, because that will detract from the experience and would be very unnecessary. You also get to see the different kinds of couples and experiences that happen live. Without this site, some of you may have never discovered what pleasures lesbian couples.

The Token system is something that gives users a lot of value when it comes to spending money on porn. Knowing that you, personally had an impact on what decided certain actions in the stream is very fulfilling as a viewer. You get to see the different kinds of people that you find sexy or very attractive enacting the sexual fantasies that you've had. Some of this might be girls kissing each other, other days is could be anal on a girl, sometimes, you may even want to see a very handsome man get pegged. There's so much variety to make the entire experience so interesting.

There's a lot of incentive to get involved in the site, such as getting a boost in the algorithm and free tokens that you can use to broadcasters that you enjoy watching. You can use a lot of tags so that people who are into certain fetishes can follow you and give you consistent attention. There's also some merchanise that you can wear on the broadcasts to make it look more official and give yourself an image when representing that logo. You also get a large cut of the token money that viewers decide to give you.


Creating an account is mandatory if you want to use a lot of the good features that the site is defined by. Everyone may not have an E-mail and might be forced to create one if they want to use this. You may get E-mails that you may not be interested or even question how they are relevant. If you like a specific broadcaster, usually, the only way you are going to be able to keep up with them is following them with an account that you made. This is also the only way to chat with the broadcaster, most sites allow you to be a guest before making an account if you want to talk with them further.

Searching can be very frustrating even if you made an account. Following a broadcaster with an account you made is the only way to know if they are live. If you don't do this, it can be very boring to scroll through thousands of users that you may have no interest in watching. There is no search bar at all. There are tags that you can use to find the type of porn broadcasts that you prefer to watch, but there isn't a search bar to find a specific user that had intrigued you. The most you can do if you don't have an account is using the advanced options setting in the top right page of the website.

There aren't as many categories as traditional kinds of porn. The advanced options may help if you're looking for something specific, but in terms categories, there's only, "Female", "Male", "Couple", and "trans". A better option would have more diverse and descriptive categories such as "lesbian", "Milf", "Threeways" and other options that people enjoy. This could help save time for the viewers and assist streamers who have built a niche audience.


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