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What Is CAM4?

CAM4 is one of the longest running adult cam streaming sites, opened its site to cam models and viewers in 2007 and is currently celebrating its 15th birthday. CAM4 boasts that it is the largest adult camming community online, with over 75,000 models streaming on the site, including female models, male, models, transgender models, and even couples that cam together. CAM4 is available worldwide, having models and viewers from countries all around the globe and has been translated into dozens of different languages. When you start watching a model, you will be able to see which languages they speak. When you are looking for a model to watch, you can easily see what gender they are as it will be listed in the bottom corner of the thumbnail and will let you know if they are male, female, transgender, and even what sexuality they are if they are a couple, such as two men, two women, or a man and a woman streaming together.

CAM4 offers the ability to share your webcam with your favorite models as a free feature, allowing you to level up your sexy adventure with a streaming model. This ability is called Cam2Cam, as it allows you to share your cam while they share their cam with you. You can use Cam2Cam with any model that has the option selected at any point in time during any of their live streams, whether they are public streams, group streams, private group streams, or a private one-on-one stream with a model. You will never have to worry about your privacy when using CAM4’s Cam2Cam feature, as only the model has access to your video and audio when you share it with them, meaning you never have to worry about any other viewers seeing you or hearing you because of CAM4 values the privacy and personal information of both their models and their viewers.

CAM4 understands the struggle its users may face when it comes to figuring out what model to watch, especially with thousands upon thousands of models to choose from. This is why CAM4 developed Live Show Scheduling, a revolutionary program which allows members, both free and Gold, to access the equivalent of a TV-guide for models who are streaming. On top of being able to see which models are streaming when and for how long, you have the ability to subscribe to up to 100 different models. When you subscribe to a model, you have access to your favorite model’s schedule and will receive a notification reminding you that they will be going live fifteen minutes before the show actually starts, ensuring that you never miss a live show because you forgot about it. Subscribing to a model will also allow you to receive any teaser content the model puts out in promotion of their stream before they actually go live. The cherry on top of being able to access the Live Show Scheduling is the ability to sync it with your calendar by exporting it to any of your electronic calendar keeping services, such as iCal, Outlook, or Google Calendar, making sure that you are never caught off guard by the date a model is streaming.

CAM4 knows that your favorite models cannot be streaming every minute of the day and that your schedule may not line up with when they are streaming. This is why CAM4 allows you to purchase hot, sexy videos models have put on their profiles with tokens. These videos will be available in your profile library, available for you to watch whenever you want. These videos could be anything from sexy lingerie videos to videos of them doing super hot sexual acts and getting off.

CAM4 knows they have some viewers who want to be a little more involved in the streams of their models, as well as some models who want their viewers to be a little more involved in their streams. That is why CAM4 offers their own Game Center that their models have access to. This Game Center allows the models to have an interactive game with options they chose or customized during their show, giving their viewers the option and ability to spend tokens (CAM4’s digital currency which can be purchased) to participate in whichever game a model has up on their stream. There are three games the models have access to choose from and customize. The first game is called Roll The Dice, a game which allows the viewers to roll the dice and the model will perform whatever task or action is listed on the side of the die which was chosen. The model is responsible for filling out the options and the price on a standard 6-sided die the viewers will be rolling, ensuring that they will never be forced to do something they are uncomfortable with. Once a viewer has rolled the die, the game will automatically pause for a 1-minute period of time to allow the model to perform the task or action which was rolled. The second game available for the model to choose from at the Game Center is Token Keno. In Token Keno, the model has 12 choices to fill out and a token price for each choice. The viewers will only be able to see the price of the choices and will not know what the action or task for each token price is. Once a viewer purchases a mystery square, the choice they purchased will be revealed and an automatic message will be sent to the rest of the chat stating what task or option was unlocked and the game will automatically be paused for 1 minute to allow the model to perform whatever the task or action that was unlocked and the game will resume once that time is up. Once all 12 options have been purchased, unlocked, and performed, the game will officially be over and come to an end. The third and final game available for models to choose from to play with their viewers is called Spin The Wheel. In Spin The Wheel, the model can add a minimum of 6 tasks or actions and a maximum of 12 tasks or actions, as well as the price to spin the wheel. When viewers are able to Spin The Wheel, they will be able to see all the options of what they might land on before, during, and after their spin. Once the wheel has been spun, an automated message is sent to the chat telling them what action or task the model will have to perform from the wheel and the game will automatically pause for 1 minute to allow the model to perform the chosen task or action and the game will resume once it is completed. The model has the choice to choose a Game Mode for Spin The Wheel and can choose between Normal or Elimination. In the Normal game mode for Spin The Wheel, once an option has been spun, the game will continue as long as the model allows it to and viewers will still be able to land on the previously spun action or task. In the Elimination game mode for Spin The Wheel, when a space has been landed on and the action or task has been performed, that option is no longer available to be spun and instead it is completely removed from the wheel. Once all the prizes have been spun, the game of Spin The Wheel is officially over and will end.

CAM4 knows that everyone has different tastes and interests, and does their best to add some special touches to help some of their viewers experience their fantasies to the best of their abilities. CAM4 offers its users who are into voyeurism the ability to Spy On Shows. The ability to Spy On Shows allows you to sneak into live streams that have gone private (meaning they can no longer be accessed for free) and pay tokens to join in on the private show without the model being able to see you or interact with you and without the other viewers being able to view and interact with you, allowing you to watch hot models do extremely sexy things behind closed doors for others who do not even know you are there, letting you live out your voyeuristic fantasies.

CAM4 understands that sending a gift of tokens to your favorite models can end up seeming impersonal and knows you may want to send them a more fitting gift. This is why CAM4 gives you the option to choose to send models virtual presents to their favorite cam models, adding a personal touch. You can buy an assortment of presents in the CAM4 Marketplace and once you give a gift to a model, it will be displayed on their Gift Shelf on their profile for the next 30 days. You do not have to worry about donating tokens on top of donating gifts to models, as each gift you send is worth a set amount of tokens, each one varying in price, meaning the model gets both a token gift from you and a personalized virtual gift which they can continue to enjoy for the next thirty days. 

CAM4 knows that regular token donations can be a little. . . boring, which is why CAM4 offers you the ability for you to spend your tokens as a Live Touch donation instead. Quite a few models on CAM4 like to spice up their live streams by having interactive sex toys which viewers can donate to activate in a way CAM4 refers to as Live Touch. This means when viewers donate to a streaming model who has an interactive sex toy, they can choose a setting for the toy to move or vibrate at and a length of time it will stay at that setting for, allowing them to actively impact and choose how the model they are watching feels sexually. There are a wide variety of interactive toys models can choose from, and the toys are not limited to only men or only women. You will be able to find models with interactive insertable vibrators, interactive handheld vibrators, interactive cock rings, interactive fuck machines (a fuck machine is a machine which moves back and forth with an attachable dildo to simulate a model having sex), and even interactive fleshlights. This allows the viewers to choose whether the model gets off slowly or gives them the ability to put the model under intense stimulation over and over again.

CAM4 has a special feature that allows you to get more personal with your favorite models and find others who also really like your favorite models. This feature is the ability to join Fan Clubs. Fan Clubs are exactly what they sound like, which are Fan Clubs for models who stream on the site. These Fan Clubs are made by the models themselves and you can easily learn if your favorite model has a Fan Club if you head over to their profile page where, if they have a Fan Club, you will see an option to join it at the top of their profile. Joining a Fan Club costs a monthly subscription price, which is set by the model. Once you have joined a fanclub (or several, if you want) you will have access to a bunch of extra content and bonuses, such as an entire image gallery of exclusive photos and unlimited private messages with the model. Upon joining a Fan Club, you gain a special chat badge which will appear next to your username and you will receive priority in the model’s personal messages and mail, meaning your messages will be higher up on the list than anyone who is not in the Fan Club. On top of all those bonuses and content, you also get a special rate on the broadcaster’s video shop items and the ability to use the Spy On Shows feature for all of that model’s shows, even if they are private.

How Much Is CAM4?

CAM4 is completely free to use with or without an account and it is free to sign up for an account, though you will have to experience a few ads here and there for CAM4 Gold and CAM4 Premium. There are some features you can only access with an account. Without an account, you can watch an unlimited number of streams for free. Without an account, there is a chance you will not be able to participate in a model’s live stream chat due to the fact that CAM4 only allows 50 free accounts in one live stream chat at a time, so if there are hundreds or even thousands of viewers in a stream and you have not yet made an account, there is a high chance you will not be able to write anything in chat for the model or other viewers to see. You cannot join in on any private streams, group streams, or use the Spy On Show feature. Without an account, you cannot message any models privately, though you can send them a limited amount of messages if you have created an account.

While you have the option to use CAM4 completely free, you have the option to purchase tokens which can be used to give to models, purchase photos or videos, join a Fan Club, interact with a model’s sex toys, play interactive games with a model, join private shows, have your own one-on-one show with a model, use the Spy On Shows feature, and even purchase a CAM4 Gold membership.

CAM4 allows its members to upgrade their account to a monthly Gold membership. With a CAM4 Gold membership, you will no longer have to deal with any ads that might pop up at an inconvenient time or distract you from the hot things models are up to. You will be given unlimited private messages with models, meaning you can always keep the conversation going. With a Gold membership, you will stand out in every model’s chat as you will be given special chat status with your golden colored username and the chat will always be automatically translated, meaning you will be able to know what all the viewers are saying or asking the model to do. While in possession of CAM4 Gold membership, you can choose to be completely anonymous when viewing streams, messaging in a live stream chat, and when sending models a donation. On top of all the bonuses, you will experience with your account, you will also receive a monthly Gold gift to send to a model of your choosing, completely free, and a free monthly boost to send to a model of your choosing, completely free. It costs $19.99 a month to upgrade your account to a Gold membership and upon your first monthly upgrade, you will receive 100 tokens as a bonus.

Featured Categories


This category is among the most popular on CAM4, having thousands streaming at a time with a very large viewership. Squirting, also known as “female ejaculation”, occurs when a woman is close to orgasm or experiencing an orgasm and squirts liquid out of their urethra. This liquid can be urine in part, but is not always and is partially made up of fluid secretion from arousal. Many find it extremely hot to watch a woman squirt, as it can be quite the show.


Naturally, Pussy is a featured and trending category as so many people love seeing it and touching it. Whether the viewers are watching a woman touch herself, or another woman, or whether they are watching her have sex with another person, Pussy remains a highly sought after sight to see.


Many people love to watch Anal or partake in it themselves, one way or another. With no shortage of kinky cam models on the site, as well as gay couples and transgender models, you will find no shortage of Anal going on when you are looking for it.


Ass is something people love to see and love to show off, whether it is adorned in fancy lingerie or bare, big or small, natural or unnatural. No matter what position you like to see, you are bound to find a hot Ass in the frame.


The Cum category could technically be considered two categories in one as Cum can have two different meanings when it comes to categorization. The first part of the Cum category is people cumming, be they men, women, or transgender models. Everyone loves to watch someone get off, whether alone or with someone else as it can be extremely hot. The second part of the Cum category is watching people get cummed on. You may have a preference of where someone is covered with cum, whether you are looking for someone with cum on their face, stomach, tits, ass, on their vagina, or inside them you are guaranteed to find plenty of models getting covered in cum wherever turns you on most.


CAM4 is completely free to use if you are not interested in spending money without restricting you from watching all the sexy models you want. CAM4 allows you to get very interactive and personal with your favorite models by sending them messages, gifts, and even allowing you to join a Fan Club with them. CAM4 is pretty easy to navigate when it comes to the UI and upon opening the site, you are immediately greeted with dozens upon dozens of hot models streaming with thumbnails showing their gender and the category tags the model is using.


CAM4 does feature some ads on their site, most of which are pop-up ads when you go to a different section of the site. If you are trying to purchase tokens to spend on CAM4, it can be pretty difficult to find where to buy them, as there is no tab, section, or advertised area for purchasing tokens. You can only find the shop section when you click on something when you do not have tokens or when they start a sale using a banner ad which you can click on.

How popular is Cam4?

51 Million People Use Cam4 Each Month. Furthermore, Cam4 is the 79th most popular adult website in the world.

Is Cam4 safe to use?

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Security Provider Is Cam4 safe?
Google Safe BrowsingSafe
Norton Safe WebSafe
Sucuri LabsSafe

How old is Cam4?

Cam4 ( was launched 24 years ago on Wednesday, 28 July 1999.

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