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What is EasyGals?

EasyGals is large porn website that actually doesn't host any videos, but instead opens links to other tube sites like XHamster, YouPorn, and PornHub. While this may seem unappealing at first glance, the saving grace is that there are literally over a hundred porno sites that EasyGals is pulling videos from. This means that you end up with over 40 million videos to enjoy, which is more porn then you can shake your dick at.

How Much is EasyGals?

I'm kind of surprised that there is no registration option for EasyGals, even though it merely links to other tube sites, I still expected at least the ability to favorite or follow categories. However, there is literally no way to register or login at EasyGals. It is simply a searchable wall of porn videos, and I'm personally fine with that.

Featured Categories

Since EasyGals takes the content from all the major tube sites, you will find that virtually every porn category, no matter how obscure, is represented here. That means you will find all the popular stuff in high quantities, but also be able to find smaller fetishes like "saggy tits" or "flogger whip" very easily.

Amateur Porn

With over 15 million amateur porn videos to choose from, this has to be one of the largest freely available collections of amateur porn on the internet today. I took the section for a spin and found a lot of professional shot and produced content that I would not call "amateur" in any sense of the word, but porn is porn, and there is plenty of great amateur and professionally made porn in this category.

Young Porn

I'm glad they didn't call this section Teen porn, only because most teen categories feature women in their 20s as well. Thankfully, EasyGals classifies this section as porn with 18-25 year olds. This category has over 14 million videos full of young girls fucking and sucking.

Blowjob Porn

With over 13 million blowjob videos, and over 4 million being amateur blowjob vids, there is enough content here to satisfy any cock sucking fan. There are dedicated sub-categories for blowjobs with cumshots, double blowjobs, blowbangs and more.

Orgasm Porn

The videos in this section actually seem to focus mainly on female orgasms, so if you're looking for cumshots then you're better off in the cumshot category. That's not to say you won't find dicks spewing cum in this category, because you will, but as I said, the focus seems to be on the female orgasm in this particular category.

Anal Porn

What is a porn site without anal porn? Personally, I know if a video features anal, it also probably features almost everything else beforehand. That seems to be the case on EasyGals, were any clip over 20 minutes generally features blowjobs and vaginal sex before moving onto anal. Of course, there are plenty of smaller clips that are under 10 minutes which focus solely on the anal sex clips.


First of all, the fact that there are over 40 million porn videos to search through here is amazing. Whatever weird niche or fetish I'm in the mood for, I was able to find it on EasyGals. I also like that at the bottom of every category there is a giant list of related and sub-categories that help you drill down to the porn you want to find. In addition, HD clips and video length are all apparent, and the site itself gets out of the way and just gives you a wall of porn to explore. I also like the filtering and sorting options, which allowed me to only view videos from certain tube sites, specifying minimum quality and video length.


Since EasyGals is a site that simply links to other tube sites, I found the quality of the videos vary a lot from site to site. It sucks when I get excited for a new release, only to click on it and get the worst 360p pixelated video that is sourced from a high quality 4K production. That's the price you pay with free tube sites. Most of the smaller clips are ads for the longer porn, and there is no way to login and favorite videos for later enjoyment.


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