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What is is a website offering a wide variety of porn videos for all tastes. CamWhoresBay is part of the PornTrex network, including CamWhoresBay, PornTrex and Javbangers. CamWhoresBay specialises in webcam videos collected from around the web with an impressive number of categories available. Categories are all cam based, with categories like Amateur, Teen, Solo, and Dancing. There are also categories specialising in certain cam sites such as Chaturbate and LiveJasmine. CamWhoresBay also has the option for free Live Sex webcam chat, a dedicated Community section, and a photo album section separate to the many videos. The videos range in content from Toys and Fingering to Hardcore to cater to all tastes.

How much is CamWhoresBay?

CamWhoresBay does not have a premium paid account option, making all video content, photo content and

Community communication are free to access to everyone. CamWhoresBay allows many options to search by as well as a search bar. This website is paid for by adverts and does show any signs of moving to a paid service. It is free to view and free to create an account. All content can be seen without an account so is very accessible.

Featured Categories


CamWhoresBay features an impressive number of Amateur videos with over 115,000 videos in this category. This is easily their largest and stronger category. This Amateur category includes a wide range of Amateur porn videos. There are new videos uploaded very often meaning this category always has something new. There are a variety of sub-categories covered in this section, with a good number of masturbation, young couple, and camshows.


The Masturbation has over 78,000 videos in this category, again focusing on web cam videos as the whole site does. Within this there are individual girls of all shapes, sizes and colours pleasuring themselves in many ways. There are many videos of fingering, toys and anal pleasure. There is a good variety of video length as well and many many videos to choose from depending on your preference.


The third most popular category is the Chaturbate and this section has over 78,000 videos. These videos are all taken from the Chaturbate website and is very diverse. This category has many sub-categories such as masturbation, threesomes and anal. There are a number of popular office scenarios that Chaturbate is well known for.


CamWhoresBay Teens category is large again and has over 30,000 video entries.. This section features big ass, outdoors, Japanese, first time, and masturbation videos. This section is update very often and has lots of new content.


The Solo category on CamWhoresBay has over 24,000 videos and focuses on webcam girls touching themselves and masturbating. This involves dress play, teasing and strip teases.

Pros of CamWhoresBay

The benefits of CamWhoresBay are mainly the range of webcam content it has and how often it is update. CamWhoresBay is ease navigate and search for everyone and all the videos, updates and photos are free. Although it specialises in webcam content there is an impressive range of fetishes and preferences that can be found very easily.

Although CamWhoresBay only posts webcam content it has a very impressive number of videos available and the frequent updates means there is always something new and exciting to see. The fact that there are multiple categories means it is easy to find porn you are interested in quickly.. The website can be searched by category, by the search bar and by specific model if you have a favourite. This makes it easy to keep up with your favourite webcam stars. The fact that the website is free is a big advantage and means all the content is available without spending a cent. This combined with the range and number of videos means this website is great to use everyday.

Cons of CamWhoresBay

CamWhoresBay is an impressive website but there are some weakness. The specialisation in webcam content can be exciting but it does mean if you are after other kind of porn you need to look elsewhere. In addition, the fact that they are from webcam videos and websites the quality can be quite low. This is not a problem if you are into this but there are few high production value videos on this site. The website also relies on others uploading their porn videos and this means you cannot request specific material.


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