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What is Literotica?

Literotica is a site dedicated to free fiction sex stories. This site hosts hundreds of thousands of fictional stories. With over a million registered users since April of 2010. Literotica not only hosts written word stories, poems, and essays. But it also includes a vast array of illustrations, pictures, and videos.

Amateur authors on this website are also exploring audio erotica. With erotic ASMR on the rise, this section of the site has exploded with new content daily. Literotica boasts about having a little something for everyone. Some of the largest categories for erotic fiction on this site include taboo/incest, loving wives, and nonconsent stories.

Literotica is an 18+ site hosting original erotic stories from hundred of amateur authors. They often host contests for contributors with cash prizes. This helps keep contributors motivated to submit fresh new content daily. A new feature they have added for authors, is an author-organized challenge section. This section allows amateurs to post their own challenges in whichever specific niche they choose.

What is the cost of Literotica?

Literotica is 100% free fictional sex stories.

They do offer sister sites that can be paid for. These sites include things such as sex toys, videos, cam girls, and adult dating. You can sign up to all of these sites for free, but if you want access to the most content available it will come with a price.

Lit Live cams is free to join and you pay if you want to give the performer a tip, or press the buzz button. The buzz button allows you to vibrate the performers panties. The more buzzes the closer she gets to cumming.

The other sister sites all have a price of just a few bucks to topping out at 19.99 a month for premium content. This includes but is not limited to sex story videos, an adult toy store, voyeurs, and more!

Featured Categories


Currently there are over 5,000 fictional anal stories. These stories include everything from anal play to full on anal sex. There are also a good amount of stories around the topic of anal rimming, and anal sniffing. There is also content on girl on girl anal, as well as guy on guy anal. As Literotica describes on their site the anal section is "about the butt, and nothing but".


With over 35,000 submission in the BDSM category. This is one of the largest categories on Literotica. This content is jam packed full of bondage and power game stories for those that are into that kind of thing. Other stories in the BDSM category that have notoriety include gagging, hogtie, and aggressive behavior.

Celebrities and Fan Fiction

12,185 stories in total currently for this section of the website. Celebrities and fan fiction is all about sex with your favorite celebrities and what that would be like. There's no shortage of female authors fantasizing through story about spending a night with their most admired Hollywood actor. This section also includes parodies and all things famous people.

Chain Stories

Chain stories are stories started by one author and finished by others. This is a big fan favorite. As you get the best of many worlds as multiple authors use their talents and fictional writing abilities to fulfill desires and fantasies. There are currently over 555 chain stories available for free on Literotica.

Erotic Couplings

Literotica has over 58,371 piece of content in the erotic couplings section. This section focuses on one-on-one consensual sexual encounter stories. This section is heavily female based as it is somewhat vanilla in erotica. Based heavily on stories of a man and woman falling for each other and having a sensual encounter.

Erotic Horror

This is a very interesting section of Literotica. With over 3,000 stories of spine chilling erotic literature. This section focuses on scary encounters, bizarre, shocking, and sometimes sexy stories. This section is not for the faint of heart, as some of the material can get gruesome, and can be quite frightening, always with a shock value attached. This is the perfect section for you if you like being scared and turned on simultaneously.

Exhibitionist and Voyeur

21,549 stories of being watched secretly. This section oozes with the neighbor next door fantasy as he watches a couple make love with their bedroom window open. Or even a hot and steamy scene of two lovers who decide to have sex in a park getting more and more turned on as they draw in onlookers. This section is all about fantasy, and the stories don't disappoint.


More than 16,000 stories of different fetishes. Everything from a nice foot fetish, to food, and other kinky things. If you find yourself with an interesting fetish, be sure to search for it in this section. With thousands of stories it's almost a guarantee that one of the amateur authors on this site has written about it, with you in mind.

First Time

This section is all about sensuality, and the exploration of sex for the very first time. Authors describe their first time sexual encounters in a fictional setting destined to get your juices flowing. Over 7,000 stories available about peoples first times having sex.

Gay Male

Literotia has over 21,000 fictional stories of gay men encounters. Everything from first time experiences, to full on hardcore sex scenes. If you are into fantasizing about men on men this is the category to start reading. ( This section of the site can get very graphic in nature), including but not limited to descriptive blowjobs, men having anal sex, and milking prostates for intense orgasms.

Group Sex

Everything involved in good old fashioned orgies is taken place here on the site. There are over 21,000 stories of group sex, orgies, and swinger party fantasy to get your senses in the mood. These stories are very descriptive including things like the smell of sex among multiple people, the sounds that take place inside an orgy party, and the feeling of multiple cumshots on a females body. If you are into the fantasy of group sex you won't be disappointed with the mass amount of fictional stories available on the subject.

Humor and Satire

Everything that is humorous about sex can be found here. Over 2,000 stories of embarrassing and humorous sexual encounters.


This section is for those who like picture drawings to go along with a good story. Over 600 illustrated stories available for free in this section of Literotica. This section has illustrations from women in lingerie, to hunky men with hardons. If you are a visual person, and also fancy a good story line this is a good section to check out on the site.


An astonishing 48,000 pieces of content related to incest and taboo. If this is a fantasy you desire, there is a plethora of reading material here for you. Everything from Daddy's and daughters, to brother and sister fantasy awaits you in this section of Literotica.

Interracial Love

With a heavy lean towards black men and white women, this section focuses on interracial sex. There are also stories of white women with asian men, and a few white men with black women. But most of the content here is based around black men with white women. There is something about a well hung black man, taking a white woman for the first time that really gets this fantasy driven in this section of the site.

Lesbian Sex

Over 16,000 stories of women with other women. These stories can be from as tender as a women's first time exploring another woman. To as hardcore as full detail of the use of a large strapon. If lesbian sex is your thing, this is the place for you to start reading.

Loving Wives

These stories are all about women who love their husbands but just can't stop craving a new dick. This section highlights extramarital fun. Everything from swinging, to steamy affairs, to the fantasy of their husbands sharing them with other men. With over 33,000 pieces of fictional literature written on this subject in this section.

Mind Control

Erotic hypnosis at it's finest. This section displays over 6,000 stories of being hypnotized to have sex, give blowjobs, strip, and explore strangers sexually. If this is your kink, your only a few clicks away from thousands of hypnotic stories at your fingertips.


This section of the site focuses on women being taken without their consent. This is a huge fetish with over 32,000 stories about this subject matter. Everything from reluctant housewife to a full on forceful encounter.


With over 11,000 stories of sex with aliens, ghosts, and things that aren't human. This content is without a doubt strange, and with so many stories a pretty hot niche in erotica. If your thing is non human android interaction, this is a section you don't want to miss.

Pros Of Literotica

The biggest Pro of Literotica is that it's 100% free fictional erotica stories. There are hundreds of thousands of different stories in many different genres and niches. No matter what kind of fantasy you are looking for you are sure to find it here. Another great thing about Literotica is the fact that there are thousands of amteur authors featured here. This means you can always find a writing style that peaks your interest. Lastly, if you're interested in audio, or visual storytelling those options are also available. This site literally has the largest online platform for erotic literature.

Cons Of Literotica

The biggest Con of Literatica is the site layout. It has what feels like an old website layout. Some of the navigation isn't the easiest to follow. The other con to this site is although all the literature is free, it is all from amateur authors. This means that some of the stories have less than proper grammar, and weak plot lines that can be hard to follow. You have to do some digging around to find an author that you prefer. Other than these few small cons, the site is definitely a huge win for those that enjoy erotic fiction stories.

Is Literotica safe to use?

We've checked with the most reputable security providers to gauge how safe is to use.

Security Provider Is Literotica safe?
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How old is Literotica?

Literotica ( was launched 25 years ago on Friday, 20 November 1998.

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