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What is CHYOA?

CHYOA is an adult fiction site with a focus on interactive story-telling. It brings the “choose your own adventure” format that we all loved growing up, to the world of erotic fiction. Once you find a story that appeals to your specific interests and read the first chapter, you will be prompted to choose – what do you want to happen next? This is truly a thrilling twist on erotic fiction as it puts you in control.

The site is easy to navigate, allowing you to search categories and subject matter, or taking a look at what other users have been enjoying. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about running out of stories or never finding a story that suits your chosen niche, as the CHYOA library has over 113,884 interactive sex stories and a total of 529,754 chapters. That’s a huge range of erotic fiction to enjoy, covering a vast range of niches, from the more mainstream to the lesser-explored. As to be expected with erotic fiction, there is A LOT of mental seduction, but with CHYOA the real thrill comes with being able to influence the story’s outcome, and live out your own fantasies.

How much is CHYOA?

The great thing about CHYOA is that it’s completely free. Anyone can read and write content on CHYOA, however you can choose to support them with a small donation via Patreon. User donations go towards CHYOA becoming ad independent, so users can better enjoy the stories. You can also access CHYOA’s forum for free, allowing you to interact with other readers and writers.

Featured categories


There’s currently 825 stories on Bondage and power play.


Find all sorts of customisable bisexual-themed stories.

Cheating spouses

If you like reading about married spouses straying, CHYOA has over 300 interactive tales.

Erotic couplings

Straight male-female sex is one of the site’s most populous categories.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur

There are hundreds of stories of watching and being watched.

Fan Fiction

Your favourite celebrities star in thrilling, interactive erotic fiction.


Read elves, orcs and magic erotica in CHYOA’s thousands of fantasy stories.


Feet, panty and other kinks feature in around 800 of the interactive stories on CHYOA.

Group Sex

CHYOA offer a selection of stories featuring threesomes, gangbangs and orgies.

Humour & Satire

If you like your sexy tales with the added element of humor, CHYOA has plenty for you to enjoy.


CHYOA has some incredibly hot stories about MILFs.


Romantic and erotic stories to suit your chosen preference.


CHYOA offers plenty of hot lesbian interactive stories.


Read all about sexy seniors in these gripping erotic interactive stories.


CHYOA has over 300 stories on the theme of teens.


There are hundreds of transsexual stories to enjoy on CHYOA, from fantasy themes to full-on orgies.


If flowers and bubble baths are your thing, you’re in luck with CHYOA’s romance-themed erotic tales.

Science Ficton

Why limit your sexy stories to planet Earth when you have the whole of space and time to enjoy? CHYOA has tons of kinky sci-fi-themed stories with great interactive options.


There are lots of stories featuring partner swapping and hot swinging scenarios featuring plenty of hot wives, group sex and exhibitionism.

Mind control

This is a great niche that you don’t see everywhere, but CHYOA offers a great range of stories featuring supernatural mental powers from talented erotica writers.


If you don’t read English don’t worry! CHYOA has almost 1000 stories in other languages.


Read all about sexy Asians, Africans, Latinas in these hot, customisable stories.

Other categories include:

Incest, Non-consent, Non-erotic and Miscellaneous.

Pros of CHYOA

There are many pros of CHYOA, the key ones being that it is a huge library of erotic fiction that can be accessed for free, and that the interactive stories allow the reader to drive the direction of the story. CHYOA also has a vast range of niche categories that will suit almost every taste.

Cons of CHYOA

Cons of CHYOA are few and far in between, however, as the stories are crowd-sourced you may find that some of them are of a lower quality. This can be easily avoided by reading from the top-rated writers.

How popular is Chyoa?

3 Million People Use Chyoa Each Month. Furthermore, Chyoa is the 756th most popular adult website in the world.

Is Chyoa safe to use?

We've checked with the most reputable security providers to gauge how safe is to use.

Security Provider Is Chyoa safe?
Google Safe BrowsingBlacklisted
Norton Safe WebBlacklisted
Sucuri LabsBlacklisted

How old is Chyoa?

Chyoa ( was launched 10 years ago on Sunday, 16 February 2014.

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