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What is BestAndFree?

BestAndFree is a multi-lingual porn site. It functions as a gateway. BestAndFree allows you to reach explicit sex videos on other sites. Within its pages, the site does not host any pornographic material. The design is simple and uncomplicated. Its contents vary, with some more eccentric content such as pissing, obese women and creeps videos. As in the case of videos made by creeps or in this style, some videos have no sexual content. Some are homemade, scraped by social networks. The home page proposes numerous categories and additional links to adult sites. With its 120 categories, BestAndFree offers a tremendous range of regularly updated material.

How much is BestAndFree?

This porn video site is completely free. BestAndFree does not offer any registration. The access is public. Being a collection of links to other sites, some of the sites you visit may offer other services, but you can always watch the video for free.

Featured Categories

Video categorization is the best asset of BestAndFree. The amount of videos listed exceeds the categories on the first page. You can easily find the videos you like thanks to a simple search with keywords. As in the case of Anime, or Hentai, many of these appear in the Japanese category but do not have their category. I recommend scrolling down the home page to the bottom. Here, you find all the tags used to catalog the videos. You will find a list in alphabetical order. It contains the sub-categories you won't see in the upper section. Each tag can lead you to access hundreds of videos.

Some of the most peculiar categories are:

Local category

Depending on where you are or the IP you access from, the first category of the home page will display one category related to your country. This is more of a clickbait, but some videos in your language may be there. The site does a good job of offering content in the appropriate languages.


Some videos in this cation are of higher quality. Some have certainly been taken from paid sites and reloaded on smaller sites. There is a good assortment of settings and hairiness.

Double penetration

This is the page where you find most of the group sex videos. This is also the section with more HD videos than the others. Unfortunately, most of the links lead to slower sites. But hold on, these videos contain the most beautiful girls the site has to offer. The video will just take a while to load.


Older links do lead to the desired video. The site does a great job of showing reachable content. I never found a 404 error, although rarely the site you land on does a poor job at loading the video.

The search bar is dynamic. It suggests tons of search tags and you can filter the results by length, upload date, and popularity.

The amount of videos collected by BestAndFree is impressive. The quality of the videos offered is very high.

You can reach several little-known sites that offer fast streaming and beautiful pornstars, or models. Often they are local videos from different countries. Most of the videos are recent and with models not present in most of the classic porn sites. For vintage lovers, the site also lists some older porn footage.


Most of the sites to which it links show a lot of advertising. Good things will come to those who open the video in another tab, especially if you are browsing using your mobile phone. On average, each video requires you to manually close one or two advertising windows. Often, when you click on a video, you will end up closing and reopening the link, because the first time when you click on the play button, a redirection will take place. You have to get back, return to the original link. Finally, this time you can click the play button and see the video.

There is no way to precisely separate gay and transgender content. When you search or browse the categories, you see videos of all genres. It's up to you to pay attention and avoid the material you might not like.

Many of the extreme material search keys lead to normal content, a little eccentric but nothing more.


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