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Adult Empire

What is Adult Empire?

Adult Empire is a website dedicated to selling blu-rays and DVDs of adult movies featuring some of the most well known pornstars. Even though their catalog of movies is very impressive, what's going to be talked about in this post are the sex toys. Sex can be great, but unless you know a lot of people who are open with you sexually, you are more than likely not going to be able to have sex whenever you want. Of course, there is no actual replacement for the real thing, but companies have worked really hard to make it feel like the real thing.

How much is Adult empire?

Adult empire sells sex toys and Blu-rays, but as for streaming and getting deals on those products, you need to have Adult empire unlimited. Not only can you stream this on your Roku TV, but it also has a $2.99, 2-day trial. A single month is $24.99, which is only less than a $1 each day, 3 months is $49.98, which is billed quarterly and $16.66 a month. Lastly is the deal of $149.94, which is billed annually and is $12.50. This deal lets you pay for 6 months and get the other 6 months free.

Categories of sex toys

Pornstar body parts

This is the main sex toy that fans of a particular pornstar like to buy. A company makes a mold of a pornstar's cock or Vagina and then sells it to their fans. According to the reviews that you'll find, it feel really close to an actual Vagina if you buy a pocket pussy, Of course, it can't feel exactly like it because of the materials that are used. While women, have positive things to say about the dildos they ride on, they still prefer the real thing.

Sex Dolls

Sex Dolls are really expensive, but can be worth the money if you want to now what an experience with a certain body type are. Hypergamy dictates that's we'll be attracted to people with attractive features and almost all of the dolls have different features that you find desirable men and women. If you're a woman who's never experienced a big dick, just know that almost all of these dolls have big dicks that you can ride as as long you want. Of course, the sensation of sex, but feeling the physique of your partner can be just as important sometimes.

Anal toys

From beads to but plugs, these toys are supposed to prep men and women for anal. There can be some really traumatic experiences if it's not done the right way. If a women gets rammed in the ass with a big dick and no lube, then she'll hate anal. If she uses beads and but plugs, her ass will be a lot more prepared for any dick that she takes. This is great to do if she wants to put these toys in her ass which she's giving you a blowjob or something else like doggystyle. The same can go for men who haven't had sex with other men yet.


This site has a lot of the more mainstream pornstars that you have seen before. While DVDs and Blu rays are plentiful, a lot of the men should take a look at the pocket pussies. Having sex with women in these videos is typically a big fantasy of theirs and these toys will help them to achieve that fantasy. It also helps that it's a mold of the Vagina, so it's a lot more accurate to what the experience would actually feel like. Besides that, there are plenty of dildos and anal beads for the women to enjoy as well.


The bigger problem is that it really doesn't help up and coming pornstars who want to get recognition in the industry. The website really only supports pornstars who have already made a name for themselves. It also doesn't help that some sex toys are constantly out of stock or are going out of stock, you need to buy the products that you're interested now so they won't be sold out. The trial is also more expensive for the subscription than some other adult sites.

How popular is Adult Empire?

5 Million People Use Adult Empire Each Month. Furthermore, Adult Empire is the 626th most popular adult website in the world.

Is Adult Empire safe to use?

We've checked with the most reputable security providers to gauge how safe is to use.

Security Provider Is Adult Empire safe?
Google Safe BrowsingSafe
Norton Safe WebSafe
Sucuri LabsSafe

How old is Adult Empire?

Adult Empire ( was launched 24 years ago on Saturday, 15 January 2000.

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