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Skip The Games

What is Skip The Games?

Skip The Games was created to fill the void following the closure of BackPage. However, it made significant changes to differentiate itself from its predecessor, BackPage. The site became more image-driven than before. Unlike BackPage, where members would use just a little caption to shop escorts, requires its users to use more images. Skip The Games now ranks as one of the world's best and trustworthy escort search sites. Skip The Games has used reviews to set itself apart from its competitors. Web visitors and sex workers alike have touted the success they have found from this website. As one of the popular platforms to search for sex workers, it isn't a surprise that has been tied to a raid on different occasions. Just take precautions, and you will be okay browsing on this platform.

We often find ourselves in a situation where we are craving for sex. However, you may not have the patience or time to plan for a date or match with a girl. Skip The Games would be the place to go for such a time.

What Makes Skip The Games Standout

Not all escort platforms are international. Of course, some local escort sites could be offering attractive perks, but lacking global access could be limiting their outreach. Skip The Games is an international escort site that has robust selection in local states. It is accessible from tons of cities and states, so you are likely to find an escort in your neighborhood. However, users might want to research the regulations and rules of the site before hiring internationally. In some countries, it is legal to pay to get laid. However, that might attract a harsher offense in other countries. So, understanding the rules of the site can help protect yourself. Hiring an international escort often translates to overcoming a language barrier.


The design of Skip The Games is pretty simple. Escort directories contain less attention-grabbing content since the provider is responsible for creating the content ad. The site just provides its users with a framework or platform to connect. Models choose how they will present themselves and photos to post. So, Skip The Games places no guarantee about its users. However, it gives its users a warning about anything that might go wrong. After all, plenty such as STDs and rip-offs can go wrong with paid sex. The site is designed to allow users to click to profiles to find out more about models.

Nude Images

Escorts on this platform are allowed to post nude posts. It allows you to see what exactly you are looking for. Many escorts on Skip The Games website choose to upload their most intimate photos. Many escort sites don't allow sharing of nude photos, so Skip The Games is a great resource to get more information about a girl before meeting up for a date. Nude images could be what you need to get horny. Clients take a step further and hire an escort if nude images are not enough to scratch the itch.

Listed Services

Skip The Games has a section where an escort can fill out their services. Navigate the home page and filter by specific services to find a girl that matches your interests. Water play, blow jobs, massage, fetish, and sex are the common services on this platform. If you don't find the service you are looking for, indicate the services that you want and wait for an offer.


Unlike BackPage and Craiglist, where users would scroll through the classified listing to find their search, Skip The Games presents its users with a place where escorts can post their images. Escorts often post a variety of nudes so that their clients can know what they're signing up for. Of course, photos are vital when searching for a girl as they can help you know whether she is hot or not. Images of all girls on this platform are legit. Skip The Games doesn't allow its escorts to clutter their profile with photos stolen off the internet. You can do a reverse image search to find out if a photo is fake. So, make sure his or her photos are legit before signing up for an escort.


Most sex workers on Skip The Games website provide details of the payment methods they accept. That means clients are free to hire any sex worker that accepts their offer. While some escorts only accept cash payment, others accept everything, including cryptocurrencies. Skip The Games provides its users with a wide variety of payment options for convenience and improved user experience. However, bitcoin and cash are the recommended payment methods on this platform. After all, who wants to have a paper trail of their payment for sex services? Just withdraw the amount you will need or a little extra. Avoid withdrawing more than what you require because an escort can find a way to make you spend everything that you have.


Of course, everyone would want to be cautious when working with a sex worker. After all, prostitution is illegal in most parts of the US. So, clients should use coded language as much as they can. Meet for a coffee date with a sex worker before you negotiate about money and sex. That can help you find out whether the girl is legit or not.

The Process

Navigating Skip The Games home page seems pretty straightforward. No payment for any upsells or membership is required to sign up for this website. Clients don't need to provide any of their personal information, given that most escorts on this site have their contact details right on their profile. Simply log in, enter your location, and what you are interested in, and Skip The Games will provide you with a list of hot sex workers near you. You can filter your search by services or type of girl you're looking for. You can also filter your search by payment method.


Skip The Games isn't a dating platform that works for everyone. How many times have you talked to a hot sex worker only to realize that she isn't ready to meet you? You may have also joined an adult site and found that all women want you to be their buddy even before they show you their goodies. Skip The Games is one of the sites where girls want you to chat with them when they feel bored. Nothing can be frustrating than being horny and not being able to find a hot girl that you can fuck. I was curious to add Skip The Games to my list of hookup sites, but it never met my expectations. I was left bitter after spending hours on this platform searching for a hot sex worker.

Too Many Promos

One thing that I dislike about is the fact that a boatload of ads will keep popping up. While Skip The Games doesn't have many banner ads like other sites, a huge spam influx felt annoying.

Shadiest Terms Ever

Skip The Games promises to record anything that happens on the site. That means nothing is considered confidential, even your private chats with a sex worker. Law enforcers can use a website like Skip The Games for undercover stings, so you can easily be caught.


You will notice that Skip The Games is quite boring immediately you get onto the platform. Skip The Games home page looks as boring as Craiglist. Web users can choose to hire from anywhere in the world, including states where prostitution is prohibited. However, the website allows users to narrow their search down by cities or states.

Possibly Fake Sex Workers

You can't tell that it is real people that posted those photos on Skip The Games. Of course, anyone can post anything on Skip The Games, so talking to an escort doesn't mean that you're talking to the right person. Like any other dating site, you may not have a clue who will show up for the date. An escort can have an ill intention and end up robbing or beating you up. Don't think that Skip The Games will defend you if something terrible happens to you. Skip The Games has a disclaimer that the user will be responsible for anything wrong that might happen to them on the site. In short, doesn't guarantee the safety of its users.

With so many escort sites out there, finding a platform that matches your preferences can be challenging. However, Skip The Games is a reputable escort website that offers free dating services. It allows its users to network with models from all over the world at no fee. Nothing disappoints than finding out that an escort site doesn't offer what it promises. If you subscribed to an escort site and got disappointed, try Skip The Games, and you won't regret it. Disappointments are common with escort sites because things can turn out differently. However, Skip The Games keeps its promise and never disappoint its users.

How popular is Skip The Games?

26 Million People Use Skip The Games Each Month. Furthermore, Skip The Games is the 120th most popular adult website in the world.

Is Skip The Games safe to use?

We've checked with the most reputable security providers to gauge how safe is to use.

Security Provider Is Skip The Games safe?
Google Safe BrowsingSafe
Norton Safe WebSafe
Sucuri LabsSafe

How old is Skip The Games?

Skip The Games ( was launched 9 years ago on Thursday, 14 August 2014.

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