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Celebs Roulette

What is Celebs Roulette Website?

Celebsroulette.com is as the name suggests, it consists of porn videos with celebrities in them. Mostly the movie starts. You have to admit the site is not as popular as the likes of Pornhub, but Celebs Roulette Website has its perks. Starting with the fact that it has complied with sex scenes from almost every movie in Hollywood. It even has cut from the famous walking dead, believe it. The audience is mostly movie lovers since there is no porn star insight. Their main niche is the celebrity footage they offer, as the name suggests.

Celebs Roulette Website has a members’ section that requires one to sign up. Once signed up you can view the private videos uploaded by other members. However, even without signing up you have access to post comments on videos. Another advantage is the fact that the user interface is quite simple. Anyone could operate it, even a ten-year-old. Good thing it’s common knowledge that porn is for adults. Personally, ads annoy me a lot. And from my experience, they are a huge bother in most sites. However, in Celebsroulette.com the case is not the same. There is no sign of the nagging redirects and popups that plague other sites.

The available videos are very diversified in my opinion, with gays well represented. It is hard to say that the videos are more explicit than Pornhub’s for example. This is because these videos are mostly from movies, and we all know that in most movies the actors are not completely naked. For example, it is very rare to see dicks in movies, but this does not mean that they are not there. Celebs Roulette Website boasts of having every type of dick on display: black, Asian, even uncircumcised ones. Celebsroulette.com has the following categories on display:

? Upcoming Nude Scenes - This category includes snippets of movies whose nude scenes will soon be included in the site. Currently, what they have there is a preview of the movie.

? Naked on stage - As the name suggests, this category mostly constitutes of videos of people naked while on stage. Some of the videos are the usual behind closed doors scenarios. However, videos of mostly half-naked people on stage are still available. For example, there is a video of men wearing only their underpants while on stage.

? Nudity and sex in TV shows - This is where all the good stuff is. Including that snippet from the walking dead. Here you can find very hardcore stuff if you are ready to dive into the whole pile. By hardcore, I mean live skin on skin sex, which includes threesomes and big black dicks if that’s your cup of tea. If it isn’t you can find huge boobs on display here as well.

? Music Videos - This category mainly has scenes from music videos. Do not expect to find good music here, just sexy bodies and erotic scenes. Just what you are looking for on a porn site.

? Classic movie scenes - Those of you that appreciate classics would love this section. It picks its videos from scenes in classic movies. And we all know how they got down and dirty back in the day. Milfs are in plenty in this section.

? Naked male celebs - As mentioned in the introduction, gays are also represented in celebsroulette.com. However, the videos are not as many as in the other categories. This will change over time for sure.


The best thing about Celebs Roulette is the easy accessibility due to the lack of annoying ads. The user interface is very good as well, simple and easy to use. It is quite easy to find whatever you are looking for thanks to the search bar at the top of the home page. Another thing to like about it is the fact that they capture a lot of celebrities. Who doesn’t want to see a celebrity naked? Most of them are very attractive.


The length of the videos is not as long as people would like. Some of them end without us seeing actual sex. The quality of the videos is also very wanting. If they can improve in these two areas then the experience will be much better.

How popular is Celebs Roulette?

2 Million People Use Celebs Roulette Each Month. Furthermore, Celebs Roulette is the 1842nd most popular adult website in the world.

Is Celebs Roulette safe to use?

We've checked with the most reputable security providers to gauge how safe celebsroulette.com is to use.

Security Provider Is Celebs Roulette safe?
Google Safe BrowsingSafe
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Sucuri LabsSafe

How old is Celebs Roulette?

Celebs Roulette (celebsroulette.com) was launched 9 years ago on Thursday, 23 October 2014.

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