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What is AdultFriendFinder?

AdultFriendFinder is one of the largest sites that allow global adults for casual dating as it has more than 80 million members throughout the world. This dating site was started in the US to help its members to use its various contacting functionalities and features to find sex partners suitable for them.

The members of this adult dating site can use it for any kind of relationship arrangement they like including polygamy, couple share, monogamy, fuck buddies and so on. It is just like a heaven for the adults, singles as well as couples, looking for adding something to make their sex life more interesting in different ways. In this way, the main focus of this website is to provide a platform to its members where they can find casual partners to hook-up instead of finding something like romantic relationships.

How much is AdultFriendFinder?

If you want to join AdultFriendFinder then you will have to go through a quick process of registration which can normally be completed in just a few minutes. Everyone regardless of his/her gender, age and location can create an account on this website for free. Once you finish the registration process you only have to go through the verification process of your email to start using this website. When you sign up on this website for the first time, you will have to answer a few questions regarding your basics and other relevant information like your sexual preferences.

After logging on to the AdultFriendFinder as a newcomer, on the signup page you will be asked about your sexual identity and the sexual identity of the person you are searching for. After declaring your sexual preferences you will be allowed to select orientations as many as you want.

You can also select an exclusive username for this site so that you cannot be identified from it. At AdultFriendFinder, you will be identified only by your username instead of your original name unless you use it for this purpose.

After completing the process of registration at AdultFriendFinder you will involuntarily go to the page containing information about all the activities offered by this dating site to its members so that you can state your search for a suitable sex partner.

Though the registration at AdultFriendFinder is free but for enjoying the special services of this dating site you will have to pay some fee according to the type of membership you want to have like:

Best value membership - Gold membership monthly fee of $39.95 per month

Most popular membership - Gold membership for 3 months @ $26.95 per month and pay $80.85

Yearly membership - Gold Membership for 12 months @ $20 per month and pay $239.95 in all.

Special features of AdultFriendFinder

AdultFriendFinder can be the right adult dating site for you if you are looking for one to entertain you in several different ways. In order to meet different types of needs of its different types of members, this site offers different types of means of communication discussed here under.

Chatroom for Groups and Adults

AdultFriendFinder offers a room on its website that you can use to share information about your liking about sex freely if you are interested in it. Anyone can join thousands of adult groups and chat rooms offered by this dating site without spending a penny. If you have a particular topic in your mind but are unable to find a room to share it with your sex partner then this site also allows you to create your own Chatroom or group to meet your needs.

Live Webcams for members

You can use this feature to watch what has been broadcasted publicly and online by the members of this site. This website also allows you to check its homepage to know about the members online or by selecting the option "Live Broadcasters Webcams" and "Live Action" option from the menu.

Sex Academy

The Sex Academy offered by AdultFriendFinder allows its members to watch videos instructing them about oral and anal sex as well as providing tips about the ways to meet people online etc. Only paid members are allowed to use this feature. If you are not a paid member then you will have to bear some additional costs.

Magazine and blogs

The magazine of this site allows every member to contribute and manage his/her blogs for it. This magazine is like a journal available online so that everyone can comment on it and read it.

Erotic Stories

The members of this site from all over the world can send their erotic stories to be complied on this page of AdultFriendFinder. The stories submitted by the members can be fictional as well as based on their real stories. This page also contains certain ongoing erotic stories in continuation of its previous editions written by the members writing a kind of short novel.


Certain themed competitions are also hosted by this site in which entries can be submitted by every member in the form of videos or pictures. The votes and likes are counted to determine the winner or winners of these competitions.


You can create your hotlist by adding your favorite couples or new individuals you have found at this site so that you can use them easily whenever required. All the members can use this feature free of cost.


You can click on the profile summary of someone, to whom you want to show your interest, to flash an emoji and start flirting. But only paid members can use the facility of flirting with other members. If someone flirts with standard members then they will be notified in this regard but they will not be allowed to respond to the flirting member.


Members of AdultFriendFinder will be allowed to send a tip if they like a member very much or the content submitted by some other person. It will motivate the people to continue providing content and posting it for the benefit of the community.

Send Gifts

This adult dating site also allows you to shower gifts on the people you like the most if you are interested in offering such things. The gifts you want to offer other people can be within your budget as well as virtual gifts as per your liking.


The founder network of AdultFriendFinder, FriendFinder Network, has also introduced Friendfinder app for all the websites managed by it. People using different platforms of this network can use this app to interact with people from other platforms. They can also use this app to access their account with AdultFriendFinder by using their login option. So, you will have to download the AdultFriendFinder app if you want to meet people from the community of this website.

Pros of AdultFriendFinder

  • AdultFriendFinder is a good adult dating website for the people searching for a hook-up as soon as possible. It is the site for the people who are fed up with watching porn, sexual rut or lamed by finding sexual websites. It is the right site for those who want to have sex without wasting time in talks or participating in long tests for their compatibility. People who want someone to respond to their sexy messages and allow them to blow off their steam are welcomed at this site.
  • AdultFriendFinder also helps in boosting the confidence of the people who have lost sexual confidence after a breakup. People love this site because their heart starts pounding out after receiving the notifications from its users that they want to talk to them. It will also allow you to find the lines that you can add to your message to make it more attractive for the reader, even if you have been rejected many times due to this reason. Now you will not face any rejection as you are at this site for casual relationships instead of any serious relationship.
  • AdultFriendFinder offers an open environment for everyone regardless of age, sexual orientation and gender so that you can choose any one as per your likings. So, this website allows you to meet anyone you like on this website.

Cons of AdultFriendFinder

  • AdultFriendFinder is not a website for people looking for serious relationships or friendships. People who are conservative or cynical about relationships may not be suitable for this site as they have weak hearts. Such people can be lined out easily as instead of admiring the pictures of dick they will hate them. This dating site is also not for the people who are pleased with the aesthetics of the site instead of the quality of sex they can enjoy there. This website I not designed for everyone as instead of imagining things you will have to be open-minded to enjoy sex here.
  • AdultFriendFinder is also not a good website for those people who want to make friends without any self-interest. This website is designed only for people who want to have sex and only sex. This dating site allows you to date with the likeminded people not for developing long-lasting love relationships but for enjoying sex only.

How popular is AdultFriendFinder?

52 Million People Use AdultFriendFinder Each Month. Furthermore, AdultFriendFinder is the 68th most popular adult website in the world.

Is AdultFriendFinder safe to use?

We've checked with the most reputable security providers to gauge how safe is to use.

Security Provider Is AdultFriendFinder safe?
Google Safe BrowsingSafe
Norton Safe WebSafe
Sucuri LabsSafe

How old is AdultFriendFinder?

AdultFriendFinder ( was launched 26 years ago on Saturday, 29 November 1997.

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